Give Things A Name

I used to find only fault with the extreme nature with which this culture categorizes things. Anyone who doesn’t fit a familiar category is usually met with the ever blunt question….

“Well, what ARE you?” 


Well, of course we are many things and sometimes naming a thing at any particular stage can be quite premature. Is he an ‘angry person’ or is he someone working through circumstances that have provoked feelings of anger? Is she a ‘spiritual person’ or is she someone who presses into the spiritual side of life with a little more frequency than what we normally encounter?

Wordy, I know; but necessary I think.

When we think of the reason for naming things we often relate what is in question to its proximity to something else; a concept, idea or value. The names we give our children are related to a perceived connection, value and proximity to us and the world; the same goes for how we name our streets, places, animals and foods. Hot peppers are well, hot. 

Time consciousness is why we name things quickly and give elevator pitches for our ideas or shorthand introductions of ourselves at social gatherings. ‘Let me name this for you really quickly’ we may as well preface before any form of introduction. Sometimes speed matters however when it comes to our own lives I believe there are more helpful ways.

Can we spend more time naming the things we are going through-for good or for ill? When we experience a moment or period of deep joy, can we spend more time loving it, examining it, measuring it, not against the experiences of another’s ability to ascertain it’s value  but comparing it to our own varied experiences to ascertain it’s value to ourselves?

In doing so would we not better experience moments previously neglected or future higher levels of joys to be enhanced by what we name now? 

I write this because I am walking through a period of recategorizing my own heart and gaining clarity on my life’s direction and core desires …and as a result moving to a place of less stress, more motivation, clarity, grounded-ness and sense of love and appreciation for my own journey…which results in more love and appreciation for others. 

That’s a lot of results. 

Particularly when my only task has really been to name what is actually in my life; my own desires, loss and emotions. 
Naming is not however the easiest of tasks. I love when I am dissecting the fun stuff that feels like pressing the leaves of a flower in an old book and rediscovering it months later. That feels wonderful. But, ooh. Dissecting anger and grief? Better make sure you have a forest you can shout into or a door you can close and loved ones, a good meal and some tight libations to partake in afterwards. Just saying.
You’re gonna need it.
But you WILL feel seen and loved afterwards and awaken a part of yourself that you forgot to answer the door for. So go.

Go on and name things.

Xoxox, Joy!

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