The Light & Shadow Collection

A meditative collection intended to provoke contemplation of the light and shadow dance, caress and play in each image with the light and shadow dance in our own hearts and lives. 

What are the brighter parts of your life?

The more even or uneven tonalities ?

What of the shadow side hidden from view?

Notice what is. 

Now ask...Where do we go from here?

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The Art of Voice Collection

This collection was created for The Voices Project Conference, summer of 2020.

A mix of past, current and future collection sneak peaks, this collection speaks to the need to come face to face with our othering. We are all 'other' whether we acknowledge it or not. And that is precisely why we all belong.

How is the 'other' in this collection different from you?

Where is the 'other' the same?

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The Montpelier Collection

Ever feel the vast quiet expansiveness of a landscape that seemed to be speaking in the same language, tone and quality as your own voice? This could alternately be called the Silence, Solitude and Stillness Collection. A foggy serene selection that never fails to open my heart and center my mind. Even when you feel alone, the land is with you. 

If rocks can cry out, what must the river say?

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