Give Them You

I find myself constantly living in that tension between giving people what I think they want and giving people what I am. 

You cannot serve both God and mammon.

Mammon is currency though. Currency is the power to order and control and manipulate your world into getting the things that you think you want. 
But what is it that we really fundamentally need? What is the most living moment in any meaningful interaction? Is it the moment when you realize that like a genie you can just wish something and that someone magically pleases you with such gifts? 

A. I don’t know if that’s ever possible 


b. Even if that’s what we want, could we ever be pleased with such a life? I don’t know about you but the most meaningful, transforming and deeply connected moment I have had in any relationship is when you realize that just then, even if it lasts a few minutes, in that particular moment someone brought their fullest selves and offered it up to you. 

Such a gift.

It is this offering; our fullest selves, these living sacrifices that please God…not the temple dance. It’s tough though. 

The temple dance gives you coins for your performance. Coins and praise. You gave them what they wanted. A heightened experience; an exciting titillation of the senses. A provocation that only demands more. Dance. Dance. Dance. I am giving you coins. Dance.

How tired we all are.



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